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I provide a unique 4-point water heater maintenance service that restores the tank to a clean operating condition and protect it from rust and corrosion to prevent early tank failure.

  1. I use the Muck VacTM to clean out the calcium carbonate deposits.

  2. I install the latest after market flushing device.

  3. The most important part of my service is replacing the anode rod which is the key to water
    heater longevity.

  4. The last part of my 4-point service is installing new corrosion proof dielectric plastic lined pipe nipples and new rubber washers on the flexible copper connectors.

When I’m done it’s like installing a brand new self-cleaning water heater for 1/3 of the cost of replacing your tank.

You can keep your water heater operating for 50 to 60 years if you just take care of it with regular flushing to keep it clean and anode rod replacement ever 5 years to protect it from corrosion. I've serviced over 600 water heaters since I started my company in Sept. 1993. My motto is "Do what's in the best interest of the customer no matter what." The average age of a tank without maintenance is 8-12 years so it’s no wonder that 5.7 million water heaters are replaced every year and end up in landfills out of the 7 million tanks sold. Don’t let your water heater end up a casualty of our throw-away society. Help the environment and your own pocket book by getting your tank serviced soon before it’s too late and make your water heater last a lifetime.

Call now to make an appointment to get a free inspection so you can see firsthand the condition of your anode rod.

Having a defective water heater can be costly, dangerous and time consuming to fix. Hiring a professional plumber to ensure that all of your water fixes are done correctly and in a reasonable timeframe makes the process seem much easier. Here at Collettís Water Heater Cleaning, we are the premier professional plumbing company catering to San Jose, Gilroy, Hollister, San Martin and Morgan Hill California. We have been working in the plumbing industry for many years and have all of the experience you need to make sure your water heater is functioning properly.

Whether your water heater is not reaching the desired temperature, its leaking unwanted water or itís just plain noisy, call Collettís Water Heater Cleaning Company today and weíll come out for an evaluation of the situation. All of our plumbers are licensed and professionally trained to handle anything that arises. We guarantee that within no time, we will have your water heater fixed. We are honest and loyal to our customers and we will be honest if we think itís just a simple fix, a new part or if you need an entirely new water heater.

There is no compromising when it comes to a water heater and we guarantee that we have the most competitive prices, but services that canít be beat. If youíre not sure of the services you need, give us a call and weíll come out to assess whatís going on and give you a detail description of what needs to be done. We have a Muck Vac system thatís like no other. In California, you wonít find a more reliable plumber than Collettís Water Heater Cleaning. A noisy water heater is a nuisance. We have all of the equipment to fix your heater in no time. With our services, we will guarantee that you will get more time out of your water heater than expected.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to browse our website for more information about our services. We are premier plumbers catering to San Jose, Gilroy, Hollister, San Martin and Morgan Hill CA. We fix all water heaters that are noisy, leaky or just plain damaged. Our customerís satisfaction is our number one commitment. We guarantee youíll be happy with our services. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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